Written by: TheGameBoyKid

So, your character is a normal human? Ok, think again. Your whole point is to kill the Ender Dragon, but why? Your character "Steve", is a rebelling Enderman. The Ender Dragon banished you for his planets safety, not only to a different planet, but a different time period. Enderman and Endermites are sent to you to kill you and spy.


Some how you still manage to find an ancient broken portal and go to the end. The nether is a trap, that's why a nether portal looks like it should go to the end. Lapis Lazuli isn't very strong in real life, so why in Minecraft does it enchant things? Your kind can't wield Lapis Lazuli, but you use diamonds and obsidian to contain the lapis and harness it. You have to level up because with more power the more you can wield.

What you can doEdit

Two more blanks to fill, your human form and creative mode. In the beginning of the game, you kill a human and take form of it. So you can disguise and get rid of your weakness to water. The Ender Dragon resurrects that human and gives him special powers to get rid of you. This human is Herobrine. Creative mode is the ending, when you get all the power of the Ender Dragon. In the end, you are the biggest treat ever.