A few months ago, I would have thought a person like me right now was crazy, but now I know better... I had just gotten a job, I worked at a local GameStop. I had a decent pay, had a great girlfriend, and got good grades in school. I guess you could say I was doing well in life. However, there was one point during that period that I wish I could forget, but instead I remember it so vividly...

One day, as I was restocking the shelves, a coworker told me that I needed to head to the back room to check the stock and to see if we had enough games and consoles for the upcoming holiday rush. So I went into the back, it was a good sized room for a somewhat big store. There was a small TV in one corner on a small desk, there was a door that led outside and a door that led to a bathroom. The walls were filled with games, consoles and accessories. I think we have enough, I told myself. Just as I was about to leave, the TV turned on. I spun around to see if anyone had come  in, but no one had. Also, I would've heard the door open as I had closed it after I came in. I shrugged it off and turned off the TV. 

I went back out into the main store and told my coworker that we had enough stock in the back. He thanked me and told me that my shift was over. So, I got in my car and started my way home. I tried to change the radio station, but it was stuck on a station that was all static. So, I just turned it off. When I got home, I went to go upstairs to my room. When I was halfway up the stairs, I heard the TV turn on. My girlfriend wasn't here, was she? She couldn't have  been, I never gave her a key. I went back down to the first floor to turn off the TV, which was only showing static. I picked up the remote and pressed the power button, but it didn't shut off. Instead, I felt a slight electric shock. I was sweating now, what was going on? I kept trying to turn it off, but each time the shock got stronger and stronger. Eventually, I just gave up and went to my room. 

I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on my door. Must be my girlfriend, I thought. I looked at the clock and realized it was 6:37, a whole two hours since I had gotten home. I got up and walked downstairs to the door. I opened it to see my girlfriend, Heather. "Hey Toby," she said with that dimpled smile I loved so much. I said hi and asked if she wanted to come in. She agreed and sat on my couch. That's when I realized that the TV was still on… Heather picked up the remote to turn it off. I was about to tell her not to, but she pressed the power button and it turned off. Now I was confused, more than I had been before. She told me to sit down and I did. 

We talked for a little while, until I asked if she wanted something to eat. She told me that she had eaten before she came here. So, I went to make myself a bowl. When I got back, my girlfriend had turned the TV on, and to my surprise, it was no longer static. She changed the channel to a romantic comedy, her favorite and my least favorite genre. We watched until she said she had to go. She asked if I wanted to go with her back to her house. I immediately told her yes and went out to her car.

When we arrived at her house, we got out of the car and went inside. She went up to her room and I sat down at my laptop that I brought everywhere. I put on my headphones and turned it on to find that it too was all static, but this was… different. It seemed as though it was alive. That's when I heard it speak… It sounded like a man gargling vinegar underwater. "Hello," is all it said.

"Um…hi?" This was really freaking me out now.

"Would you do something for me?" I pondered what this 'static' could possibly want me to do. Reluctantly, I asked what it wanted. "I only wish for you to…" It paused, as though it was choosing the words to say. "Put some creatures to sleep…" I questioned what it meant, even though I already thought I knew.

"Y-you mean…kill?"

"Yes..." it gargled, "If you want to use that term… Kill." I was taken aback by this, for its tone had shifted, it was now much more menacing….

"Would you... Like to agree?" I thought it over, which surprises me, why would I even ponder it!? I should've said no, but I didn't.

"Why not?" I said.

"Excellent…." it said with its menacing, garbled voice, "Your initiation has begun… Start with something small, maybe a small pet, then come back to me once you have finished…" The screen then went black and the computer then booted up normally. What the heck just happened, I wondered. So, I went over to the bathroom. I closed the door behind me. 

It took me a minute to realize that I was shaking. I had just agreed to murder a living thing… The thought hit me at 100 mph. I had agreed… to murder. I went over to the toilet and threw up. I went up to the mirror and just stared. What would be murdered first? I slapped myself. Why would I think that!? That was when I heard it, a small meow behind me. I turned around to see my girlfriend's kitten. Perfect, I thought. I went over to the cat and put my hand on top of its head. I felt it rub its little head on my hand, and I felt when I started to squeeze its little head. It burst like a balloon filled with water. Blood splattered on my face, arms, chest and legs…

It took me less than a second to realize what I had done… I went over to sink and saw myself. I looked like I had murdered something, then I remembered that I had. I had just murdered my girlfriends cat! The worst part was that… I had enjoyed it. The warmth of the blood, the sound of the skull cracking. I laughed a crazed laugh… This must be what insanity feels like, I thought. I threw the cat's carcass out the window and left the bathroom. 

I went downstairs and headed to my computer. I sat down, put on my headphones and turned on the computer. When it turned on, it was all static again. "So?" I heard the garbled voice again.

"I have finished…" I replied.

"Good… Now onto some real fun…" I thought I saw a faint toothy grin beneath all the static.

"Which would be what exactly?"

"I think you know exactly what…."

"Ah… Yes, of course." I shut off the computer and stood up, still covered in blood. I yelled, "Heather! I need to show you something!" She replied, saying she would be down in a minute. 

I don't exactly know what happened next, all I know is that I came back to a few minutes later. I looked down and saw Heather, she was pinned to the ground, knives in her hands. I looked around the kitchen. The closest thing I could use was an ice cream scooper. I smiled a malicious smile and picked up the scooper. I set the scoop next to her right eye, it was so beautiful. I sighed and said, "You truly do have beautiful eyes. Too bad they won't be yours for very long…"I set the scoop into her eye socket, slowly going in deeper as I heard her screaming. I then started to pull up the ice cream scooper until her eye popped out of its socket. The only thing holding it into the head was the optic nerve. I then started the other eye, I was humming this time. 

Once I finished with the other one, I looked around for a pair of scissors. The screaming… It was so loud. Must stop it, I thought. I found a knife and went back to the now incredibly bloody Heather. I felt like giving her a bit more pain before she died, so I cut off both optic nerves. I then put the knife to her neck, I pushed slightly so there was a little bit of blood. "Oh Heather… You were so nice. I just wish that we could've stayed together… I then slashed her neck. Blood was everywhere. 

I grabbed one of Heather's eyes and pulled out one of my own. It hurt, but that didn't matter. I replaced my dark brown eye with her beautiful emerald eye. I then looked down at her head, eyeless and bloody. I then went to my laptop and turned it on, there was no static. I was confused, what was going on? Until I felt a sharp electric shock. I jerked away from my computer. Then I heard laughter, a maniacal laugh. Then I realized that it was coming from my mouth… That shock made me lose it, I was completely insane. I stood up and walked out the door, still laughing...

But that's not where it ends, oh no! The story here ends with me and you. I am Static Toby… Fear my blade…