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Below is a list of requirements. Note that these are more-or-less a way of gauging your work ethic and etc, and not necessarily required to apply for or recieve the right - it is up to the reviewing bureaucrats and the community to decide upon whether you gain the position, not the prerequisites.


Prerequisite: Administrator

  • Must know how to give rights to users.
  • Must have 1500 edits, with 1000 edits on articles
  • Must have been an administrator for three months
  • Must have been active on the wiki for 6 months


  • Must have 500 edits, 300 being article edits
  • Must have been active on the wiki for four months
  • Must know how to delete pages
  • Must know the layout of the wiki
  • Must know how to move files and pages
  • Must know how to undelete a page and check the revision of the page
  • Must know how to categorize pages
  • Must know how to block users for the appropriate time


  • Must have 200 edits total, or 15 cases where you undid vandalism
  • Must know the wiki naming conventions

Chat Moderator

  • Must have been active on the chat for 1 month
  • Must know the chat rules by hand
  • Must know how to handle situations quickly
  • Must not have more than three chat bans
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