Pete Willows and his family decided to move to a new house, a cabin the woods. They had to leave the city due to a stalker who previously kidnapped Pete had just busted out of jail. Pete, obviously not wanting any risks, moves with his family far away from where the stalker could find him.

Jeff had been killing for 7 years now, and he has been quite proud of himself for all the lives and souls he "freed". He saw Pete's car drive into the woods. Wanting another murder, Jeff hot wires a motorcycle and follows them to the cabin.

Pete and his family had just finished packing. Pete decided since they had been driving all day long, that they should go to bed earlier that night, as it was summer vacation and they have all summer to stay up late.

Jeff stopped the motorcycle and climbed through the trees to get to the house, so that Pete and his family wouldn't see him driving to their house with weapons.

Pete and his wife Veronica kissed and went to sleep.

10 minutes later, Pete wakes up to the window opening. Pete and Veronica look inside and outside to check if anyone had broken in, but they could not find anyone. They go back to sleep but wake up shortly to see Jeff in front of them.

"Shh... GO TO SLEEP"

With that, Pete and Veronica had lost it. Jeff stabs Veronica in her side and she falls down. Pete charged at Jeff but Jeff kicked him in the face and knocked him out the window, knocking him out. Jeff had went towards the children, thinking Pete was dead.

Meanwhile, Pete woke up. He looked back inside his room to find Veronica dead and see Jeff run for the children. Pete knew that he couldn't take Jeff and that by the time he would of reached his kids, they would have already of been dead. So Pete hid in his tool shed and waited.

Jeff had just finished off Pete's kids and family, and started to leave.

Pete peaked out of the tool shed and took a picture of Jeff, so he could find him later. Jeff drove off and left.

Pete had decided to check on his kids, just to see if they were somehow alive. He went to their room and saw them tied to chairs and bleached. Their skin was a ghostly pale white, and a smile was carved into both of their faces as well as their eyelids burned off. After this, Pete had snapped. He grabbed his keys and followed Jeff in his family sedan that he will never have another family in.

"Jeff I am coming for you".