Prologue: Edit

Jeff had been killing for five years now. He struck multiple houses per night in his quest for the genocide of all human life. One day, a man named Andy Pulo had just married a woman named Jessica. They moved into their new house, which becomes Jeff's next target. One night while they were sleeping, Jeff entered the house and killed Jessica and nearly killed Andy but Andy had lost him and hid in the closet until Jeff left. Andy now wants revenge for the killing of his wife by any means necessary. He was now hunting Jeff the Killer.

His journal had been found and its excerpt is found here:

The Story: Edit

Journal Log 1: Edit

My name is Andy Pulo. I want Jeff the Killer dead after what he did to my wife. I will get him killed. I am attempting to locate him but I can't find his current living arrangements. I will keep a journal just in case I go insane so people will understand why. Me and my wife were the last of both our families, so if I die, so will the Pulo name. I will talk again tomorrow. 

Journal Log 2: Edit

Still can't find any information on this man, although I know he is responsible for many deaths.

Journal Log 3: Edit

I am going crazy trying to find this son of a *****. I swear! Someone somewhere knows something about this man!

Journal Log 4: Edit

I found someone who's survived the killer. I am meeting with him tomorrow. I don't know why, but I can't go to sleep.  

Journal Log 5: Edit

I met the man but unfortunately our meeting was delayed due to the man having a hangover. I'll just see him tomorrow. 

Journal Log 6: Edit

I met the man but sadly our meeting was cut short. I heard the description, then I went to the bathroom. When I came back, he was dead and written on the wall in blood was "Aren't I beautiful?".  

Journal Log 7: Edit

I found Jeff's location after I caught him leaving a house after a murder and he retreated into the old schoolhouse of our town. I am alerting the police of his position. He will certainly have the death penalty.

Journal Log 8: Edit

I can't believe it...he killed all the police who entered...and its my fault. I am going in with a gun and I'm gonna kill him.

Journal Log 9: Edit

I barely escaped with my life, I was no match for Jeff. I am sending in a hit man to kill off Jeff once and for all.

Journal Log 10: Edit

He killed the god **** hit man. Come on! I'm going to settle this. I'm going to get him in trouble with the gang that stalks our town.

Journal Log 11: Edit

You'd never guess, he killed them all. Thats the fucking last straw, I'm gonna kill this mother fucking bitch now. 

Journal Log 12: Edit

Its Jeff. He died. You cant catch a demon of MY caliber. NEVER!