In had been two years since Jeff started killing. Jeff visited the tombstones near his current base of operations. He currently lived in a shack he found in the house of it's previous owners. He found a shack at the back and decided to temporarily move in.

He arrived and saw a group of teenagers. It was a group of three. One looked similar to Keith.

Jeff screamed in anger at the boy that looked like the person who looked like the wicked man who was responsible for Jeff's injuries.

Jeff charged at the boy and killed his friends. the Keith look-alike was named Garret. Garret grabbed a knife and locked it on Jeff. Jeff pulled out a knife and they clashed before Jeff grabbed a stick and hit Garret in the face. Garret was knocked back and picked up a rock and threw it at Jeff. Jeff dodged and stabbed him in the back as he covered the boy's mouth up.

Garret woke up tied to a chair and Jeff smiled as he poured bleach onto Garret and burned him until Garret looked similar to him. Jeff then cut off his penis and tied up his mouth, leaving him there to slowly but surely die.

Jeff had suffered nightmares about Keith, Troy, and Randy after for two weeks, so you could imagine it was a while before he could