Hello. I'm quite famous around these parts. I'm going to tell you a story that happened to me when you were a kid, and you watched every second of it.

The StoryEdit

One day I was walking along, but everyone started looking angry. I was confused, but moved on, I saw that everyone was starting to hate me, and started hurting me, I managed to escape them, but I didn't notice something. A hole. I fell down the hole, and I saw even more angry people. I saw bricks, like it was a construction zone or something. I saw a pipe that led up to the surface, so I climbed up it, and managed to find my way out. When I reached the top, I noticed that I went a little too far up. I jumped from house to house, and found a ladder. I went down the ladder, and noticed a castle. I went into the castle. There was fire, and lava. I quickly ran across them, and I saw something. It was a woman, lying dead on the ground. I saw another figure in the distance. It looked like it had an afro, and it said 7 times,

"Thank you Mario, but our Princess is in another castle."