Have you ever heard of a cartoon series called Carnation County? I believe the show was produced somewhere around the 1930s. I am not exactly sure… It was a strange show… I know that for sure… Am I the only one that remembers this show? Again… Not exactly sure…

I was in my apartment unit when I had encountered this show. I was bored and I had nothing better to do than to just lay on my couch and watch whatever was good on the television. Yeah… I know… Why couldn’t I have just went outside and do something more active and lively? I was lazy and mentally exhausted… Plus, it was 7:30 p.m. So I had nothing better to do at that time.

I was browsing through the channels when I first found the cartoon series. At first it appeared to be a cute little old show. I’m sorry. I don’t remember which channel the show was on. The show seemed family friendly or something. Well… That was until I kept on watching the episode. There was really nothing good on the television and I guess I was too lazy and exhausted to change the channel.

The show begins with a black and white title screen. I believe the words were in black letter font. I can’t remember the name of the episode. The background music seemed a bit… Off… It sounded like out of tune music box and accordion music… I didn’t mind the music at all. I just thought it was simply because audio wasn’t advanced at that time. The episode begins with a little boy playing in the middle of a cobblestone street. The background looked like the character was in the Victorian or Industrial era of England. He was wearing a newspaper boy hat with big black eyes and a cute little smile on is face. He was singing “Ring Around the Rosie” while playing on the streets. At first I thought nothing of it, but thinking about it now seems to make me shiver. I believe the boy’s name was Victor.

While Victor was singing and playing on the street, a mysterious figure appeared toward the character. The appearance of the figure immediately caught my attention and frightened me a bit. The figure was tall and was wearing a black Top Hat and a black Inverness Coat. The figure’s arms and fingers were incredibly long and thin. His fingers were touching the ground. His hands were moving like spiders. Victor walked joyfully up to the figure.

“Why hello Mr. Cringe!” Victor said with his cute little smile.

Mr. Cringe?… I was a bit confused and startled, but curious at the same time… The audio was a bit poor so I had to turn up the volume on my television in order to hear what they were saying.

Victor hugged one of Mr. Cringe’s legs. Mr. Cringe opened his mouth to the point where it seemed like his jaw was about to fall off and made an incredibly loud static like noise. This made me regret turning up the volume. His head was twisting and jerking while he was making the noise.

What on Earth was I watching?! Unfortunately, my curious and idiotic mind continued to watch the episode.

Victor then joyfully waved at Mr. Cringe as he walked over to a mysterious building. A gentleman with a handlebar mustache, Einstein like hair, and goggles was welcoming Victor into the mysterious building.

“Why hello dear Victor!” the man said with a cheesy British accent.

“Hello Professor Mortimer!” Victor responded.

They both went inside the mysterious building. The building seemed to look boarded up and abandoned. The scene then cuts to both of the characters inside a room. The room had an autopsy table, operating table, chemistry sets, and mortuary refrigerators. A little girl with a large bow on her head was standing right next to the operating table. She stood there with an emotionless expression on her face. She said nothing.

“Hello Little Lilly!” Victor said happily.

Little Lilly stayed silent for a few seconds. Then she murmured something to Victor. I didn’t know what she said. Professor Mortimer then interrupted.

“Have you ever been to Samuel the Smiling Butcher Man’s Shop?” Professor Mortimer asked.

This was getting a bit unsettling. I could have turned off the television, but… I don’t know… The show seemed a bit… Hypnotizing…

“You should go over there and try out some of his marvelous meat!” Professor Mortimer said joyfully while heading over to his chemistry set.

Victor nodded his head in agreement then walked out of the room. The scene then cuts to Victor heading over to the butcher shop with a group of overweight gentlemen. A tall and thin man with a big smile that went from ear to ear welcomed Victor and the gentlemen into his shop. He wore a clean white apron until the next scene. The next scene was a bit eerie.

Samuel was stepping out of a mysterious room with black stains on this apron. Victor was waiting inside the shop.

Where were the gentlemen?… I shook my head and tried to believe that the gentlemen in the cartoon just left the shop.

“Such a shame… A boy like you should have meat on his bones.” Samuel said quietly with his grim looking smile.

Victor then stepped out of the shop with a concerned look on his face. His worried expression quickly turned back into a cute little smile while walking away from the butcher shop.

Odd… I continued to watch the episode.

Victor was heading over to what looked like a fashion shop or something.

“I will buy Little Lilly a nice new bow!” Victor said to himself happily.

Victor was then greeted by a tall woman with a feathered hat and a black Victorian dress. She looked like a porcelain doll. She seemed to move like a phantom.

“Hello Madame Chrysanthemum.” Victor said in a polite tone.

Madame Chrysanthemum said nothing. She was holding an antique mirror while gazing at her reflection.

“I am here to purchase a new bow for Little Lilly.” Victor said while browsing around the shop.

“Little Lilly… Her head would go great with my autumn attire!” Madame Chrysanthemum said while staring at herself in the mirror fiendishly.

Huh?… I was a bit unnerved… Why would she say that?…

The scene then cuts to Victor walking down the cobblestone street while holding Little Lilly’s gift. Eerie out of tune piano music was playing in the background. The episode then ended with a loud frightening scream.

At that very moment, I pressed the off button on my remote control. I sat there silent for a few minutes. I was confused and frightened… After watching that show, I started having nightmares… I didn’t dare to watch anything on my television again.

I hope no one except me had encountered that show…