Creepypastas: Made up ghost stories and fake lost episodes to famous shows that spread around the internet.

That's not what this creepypasta is.

This creepypasta is true, all of it. A 'creepypastas' point is to scare the reader into thinking it's real. But not this one. If you're in for a really, really good scare that's not real, I recommend Slenderman, or something else that's a legend. I don't care if you think it's fake. I don't care if it sounds phony. But let me tell you one thing, this true story doesn't contain any 'hyper realistic blood' or 'haunted files that talk to me'. Nothing like this. 

If  you have read the creepypasta 'Funnymouth', this is similar to it, but this creepypasta is 100% real. The only things that I changed was my email address, and my name. My 'name' in this creepypasta is, let's see, Tim Grif. I censored any personal information of mine, too.

Well, let's get started. I was at home, on a warm summer night, around 6:30pm, just finished dinner. I was playing on my favorite Minecraft server, having a blast. I was minding my own business, building, mining, doing the regular, even chatting to the other 4-6 people that were online. These were the names I remember:

coolyankeedude (Owner of server, he was busy, but not afk.)

paulakis (Regular player, talkative player, somewhat busy, almost never afk.)

ashsuitman (Regular, but quiet player, not afk.)

TheSaifinator (The 'server raider'. He was the best pvper, everyone feared him. not afk.)

paulakis2 (Paulakis' alt account, afk for all I knew)

averygirls_3 (A very new player, she/he spawned into the server, and she/he had been standing there for hours)

I was chatting to the owner about various server advertisement websites, when someone with a very strange name joined the server. He didn't appear to be new, because the server didn't launch the 'Welcome (name) to the server! announcement. The player's name was CArl0s_maymen13. (What a 1337 name!) It went downhill from here, so here is the 'chat log' taken from the servers files. (Thanks Quit_Dog!)

Note: Quit_Dog is coolyankeedude's nickname. Mike is also coolyankeedude's real name. Very confusing, but it helps to know who he is.

chubbyballonz: Mike, do you know when we are advertising on pmc?

~Quit_Dog: no maybe soon

chubbyballonz: well we should. It draws about 20 players in 14mins lol. ur gonna need to prepare. those noobs are crazy.

~Quit_Dog: lol ya

CArl0s_maymen13 joined the game.

CArl0s_maymen13: Tim Grif.

chubbyballonz: ... what?

cArl0s_maymen13: Tim Grif

paulakis: How do you know his name..?

cArl0s_maymen13: Tim. Grif.

chubbybalonz: what? do i know you from school or something? are you tony or seth?

cArl0s_maymen13: no. but you know me. 

chubbyballonz: what? whats ur name

~Quit_Dog: wut. this is creppy lol wtf

chubbyballonz: ikr

cArl0s_maymen13: we used to do lets plays togeth rember 

chubbyballonz: ... no. i don't remember, what's your name?

cArl0s_maymen13 has left the game.

~Quit_Dog: that was short :/ he didn't even donate

paulakis: lol

That wasn't weird compared to the other stuff I experience on that server. I've had people send links to dead bodies, strange websites, and even we had someone join that talked in pure binary that just decoded into the words 'lol'.  Anyways, I played for about 1 more hour, chatting and mining, and then I got bored. I got of the server, and checked my Gmail account. Let's say my email is... let's see... ''. I had the usual spam emails from Gamestop, some online dating advertisements, some emails for my Youtube channel, and one email, that was from 'Carlos Meh'. The email was ''. This is what the email conversation we had:

Carlos Meh: hi

Tim Grif: Who are you?

Carlos Meh: the guy

Tim Grif: the Guy?

Carlos Meh: we did Let Play together

Tim Grif: I never did any let's plays, OR 'Let Play'. 

Carlos Meh: yes

Tim Grif: ... no.

Carlos Meh. Yes. Did.

Tim Grif: No. Me no do let play with you. You are no friend. I no acquire assistance. Haha lol thats what you sound like

Carlos Meh: stop

Tim Grif: ... No.

He then gave me a IP, with port and all. This isn't what is was, but this is what it looked like: 111:111:111:1111/32123z221e

Carlos Meh: 111:111:111:1111/32123z221e

I clicked on the link. Nothing, except a 404 page. I entered it into Minecraft with out the /32123z221e directory, not a real server.

Tim Grif: what was that link

Carlos Meh: click it. it's a link to our let's play.

Tim Grif: I already clicked it it is a 404.

Carlos Meh: i see you

Tim Grif: what

Carlos Meh: Tim Grif. 2209 (Censored) Street. Wichita, Kansas. (Censored) Private School. 16 years old. Cox Communications. IP of: (Censored) Social Security: (Censored, but he only did the first 5 digits). Hometown: Cheyenne, Wyoming. 

Tim Grif: how do you know all this?

Carlos Meh: i see you

Tim Grif: STOP

Carlos Meh: i can see into you web s cam co

Tim Grif: my webcam?

At this point I blocked my webcam with my thumb.

Carlos Meh: nic e try tim

Carlos Meh: mr. blondy. blu eyes. round face. ur beutiful.

Carlos Meh: the ol d cover thum b over cam trik nice try grif i got heat sensit ve and can still hear u ur a cute wus and also i can use my heat sensit ive tol to see thrug ur thum b

Tim Grif. Oh yeah?

I left and got some red tape, also some green tape. When I returned, I had a message.

Carlos Meh: where u goin friend

I covered up my webcam with the green tape, then the red tape. I'd disable my webcam, but it's built in to my laptop, and for all I know, you couldn't disable it. At the time, I was to freaked out to simply 'turn off the internet', but whatever.

Tim Grif: Goodbye, don't message me again.

Carlos Meh: you'll come back

I know what you're thinking, the average creep that messages you. But this was the same guy from Minecraft. I had no idea how he knew I was on that Minecraft server. I had no idea how he knew my email. I had know Idea how he knew anything about me. He could of used an IP lookup, but you can't gain someones social security number doing that, can you? 

When I started up Minecraft, I clicked multiplayer. There were the familiar 3 servers listed I play on. The top one was Quit_Dog's server, the second was a Hunger Games server, and the last one was a 'localhost' server, where I tried to make a server one time. The strange part was, it was up. The server on localhost:25565 was up. UP. I entered the server. Nobody was on it, nobody. It was for all I knew a barren server. Before I left, I looked around. a normal world. No spawn. I saw a house in the distance. Of course, I didn't explore it. That's right. I didn't explore it. 

I was bored, so I read some Reddit, flix'd some Netflix, and tube'd some Youtube. For some reason, my internet was very... very slow. I checked my bandwidth, it was very low. I have a very nice router, so this was a surprise. I figured it was the server that was hogging the bandwidth. I went to my basement, and reset my router. When I got back upstairs, my internet was OK again. I checked to see if the server was up. Nope. I went to bed.

Don't worry. I didn't have any 'dreams about being strangled' or anything. I woke up early in the morning to check my email. Sure enough, a new message from Carlos Meh:

Carlos Meh: why did u turn it off, it was mine

Carlos Meh: it was hous

Carlos Meh: goodnight

Carlos Meh: sleep lik a  baby

Tim Grif: Creep.

I simply blocked this guy. Later on, I got on Quit_Dog's Server. Some things happened while I was gone. For one, Quit_Dog banned Carlos Meh for 'being creepy and making death threats'. Quit_Dog said he threatened to sneak into someones house, and shove his fist into the guys throat while he was sleeping. To make matters worse. Carlos Meh said the guys address and full legal name. When Quit_Dog finished, someone joined the server. His name was very hard to remember, but I knew it contained the word 'black' in it (no racism intended). So let's stick with 'black'.

Black: Tim Grif.

chubbyballonz: Who's he? (I was pretending I didn't know him)

Black: Stop, Tim. I'm warning you about him, Carlos Meh. He's a horrible hacker, he's here to

Black: scare you. He told me he kills people after getting addressed from people on minecraft.

Black: We don't know this as a fact, but he told me some messed up things.


Black: Do me a favor and get home security. Don't call the cops, he just hunts you more.

Black: He lives in southern Mexico. He uses a proxy, so we don't know his real IP.

Black: Good luck.

Black has left the server.

[Server] Welcome to the next stage, Tim Grif.



Once again, my name is not Tim Grif. My username is chubbyballonz, though.

This is true, for the fourth time.

I'll make sure to add anything else, if anything else happens.

Chubbyballonz (talk) 03:59, July 10, 2013 (UTC)chubbyballonz