The previous night, Annabelle, an 11 year old girl, went camping with her friends in her neighbors backyard. They spent the entire night in the tent to avoid the cold rain. Aside from the light storm, it was a normal summer night.

Her and her friends told scary stories and they laughed to avoid showing the fear they were all swallowing due to their own stories. One story stood out to Annabelle.

The story of real Pokémon and Hypno stealing the dreams of children. Needless to say, Annabelle didn’t get much sleep that night.

The girls woke up and Belle felt dizzy. The rain had stopped, but her forehead was a little wet. She assumed that some rain leaked in and she was dizzy due to lack of sleep. All the girls went back to their homes, including Belle.

She sat in silence as she ate her breakfast. She was unable to remember what happened before she fell asleep. She thought about all the things her and her friends would have done. Again, she put it off as side effects of missing out on sleep.

Belle felt a little drowsy the entire day, but it continued on as a normal day. It wasn’t until about 8:00 PM that she started to remember the events of the previous night while she played Pokémon Yellow Version. She was in Lavender Town and the mysterious town made her think. She recalled the story of Hypno, eating the children’s dreams.

It began to storm harder than the night before as Annabelle began dosing off. Suddenly she it shaken awake by a falling sensation. She lay there still with her eyes open in the pitch blackness of her room.

The wind was blowing hard and suddenly Belle hears scratching at her window. It wasn’t the type of scratching one would make with their finger nails. It sounded like metal against glass.

Annabelle got up and attempted to turn the light on. As she reach for the switch a black figure moved past her window in the corner of her eyes! She turned the lights on, but nothing happened.

There was a power outage due to the storm! She quickly ran to her mothers room crying “Hypno is here!”

She woke her mother and told her about the camping stories and what she was afraid of. Belles mother took it as a joke and angrily sent her back to her room. After telling Belle that Pokémon weren’t real!

Belle walked slowly and noiselessly back to her bedroom. She opened her door very slowly. Keeping a constant eye on the window. The rain had stopped, but outside remained gloomy. She laid down on her bed and stared at the window for a few hours.

The clock struck 3:00AM when Belle started to fall asleep. She rolled over to face the door. Her body finished turning and she lay face to face with a mysterious creature dangling a medallion. Belle was paralyzed with fear. She couldn’t take her eyes off the medallion! She could not scream! The creature let out a quiet cry “Hypno!” And Annabelle was asleep!

The next morning, Belles mother awoke feeling bad about yelling at her daughter. She walked into Belles room to see her lifeless, pale corpse. Her eyes were a solid black as if torched in a fire.