On November 5, 2013 , Call of Duty: Ghosts just appeared everywhere and I had to buy it because it was pretty cool, so I brought it from Emag and it just came next day. 

After alot of time of waiting for installation it finished and as I tried to open it, an error appeared : "Your system memory (RAM) does not meet the minimum specification for running Call of Duty: Ghosts." which apparently is 6GB RAM; I only have 4. I was kinda sad and I didn't want to spend more money just to buy 2 more RAM's.

After searching the internet I found that the game only uses 2GB and I was angry to hear that so I tried to find a crack to bypass this error. After alot of search, I found something intriguing "CoD:Ghosts 6gbRAM-обходить" from a weird, apparently russian website, it seemed a nice forum and I wanted to play the game so I know I didn't spend money for nothing so I downloaded the crack , installed it and ran the game. But it didn't opened the game, it opened a very weird video. 

The video were some soldiers executing some hostages from what I could see, because it was pixelated, it looked like it was filmed with a phone. I was feeling quite nervous about that, but I was more angry because I got scammed so I wanted to record it but, my computer didn't want to react, everything was freezed, only the video was working so I waited. When they finished them all, a masked guy came and start saying something in other language (which I obviously don't speak) and the video freezed along with my computer and crashed.

After some antivirus scan's, the file was clean, and I opened again to film it and send it to admin's forums , but I just couldn't because when the video was playing the rest of the computer was freezing.

After more tries to film it I deleted the crack and reinstalled the game and went to those forums, seems like the post was already took down by admins because of too many bad reviews (as google translate could tell me) and the admin left a comment about this post. (which was also translated by Google.)


We are sorry for all the users for this post, seems like this post was some sort of virus which would make your computer crash. I saw the video too, and it is pretty weird because I didn't see it anywhere and I couldn't even capture but it has been deleted so I don't care about it, I think it's only a joke. I mean if some american soldiers were executed on a video and posted on internet wouldn't it be pretty popular?"

So I'm not the only on, but what could the video mean? It's something about the CoD: Ghosts story which tells about Russia taking over America? Is it really going to happen? I don't know but I think something is going on and the government of knows.

Even so, I decided to forget about this and post it here if anyone knows about this, and I brought 2 more GB RAM so I could play the game which worked normally...


Credits go to Erdinism.