How it all began...Edit

Okay...this has gone on long enough. I've kept it a secret for as long as I could, but this has gotten too far. I need to share a story with you all. For anyone that knows about Call of Duty, you're pretty familiar with the games. The one I want to talk about in particular is Black Ops 2. For those that have played both Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2, you know the storyline in campaign. Anyway, when Black Ops 2 came out, which was almost a year ago, I had it pre-ordered and bought it the day it came out. I was stoked to have it. I've played a lot of Call of Duty games and I'm proud to say I'm a fan.  


The day I got my disc, I noticed one thing about the container it was in. I guess I was too elated to get the game that I didn't notice, but on the front of the cover, where the face of the person on the front of the container is, there was a red x on the face, almost like it was made with blood.There was also a maroon lightning bolt-shaped scratch between the "k" in Black and the "O" in Ops. I was confused, opening the box slightly to see that the marking were only on the paper of the front of the container, not on the outer plastic part.   I shrugged it off, thinking it must have been nothing. How I wish I was right at the time. If I actually knew something would happen, I would have immediately taken the game back and got an exchange of the game or gotten my money back.  I dunno why I did, but I actually to not play the game immediately when I got it. It's kinda a good thing that I did wait.

The next day, I decided to chat with a couple of my friends on Xbox Live, who are also good friends of mine on Twitter.  Each one of them got Black Ops 2 yesterday, just like me. I looked over on my large wooden computer desk, because that is where I normally keep all my Xbox games, and noticed that all my games, which including Black Ops 2, I had 12 games, were in a different spot than the previous night I went to sleep. The night that I got the game, I decided that since I wasn't playing it that I would stack all 12 games on top of each other like a tower, with Black Ops 2 on the very bottom. When I looked over to my games, I noticed the Black Ops 2 case was in one spot, facing me, then I noticed all the other games were scattered around the Black Ops 2 case, surrounding each and every corner in an oval formation, each top of the cases facing the Black Ops 2 case. I paused and told my friend I would be back in a moment. I walked downstairs to see my mother and stepfather sitting together on the loveseat, with our two dogs laying on the couch, one of them on one side of the couch and the other on the other side of the couch. I approached my parents and asked them if they came into my room last night and rearranged my game cases. They both looked at each other, obviously puzzled by this. I then signaled for them to walk upstairs and they did. They got up and walked together with me as I walked up the stairs, hearing their footsteps close behind.

I then noticed that my door was closed, which was strange, since I never closed it. I pushed the door open, since it does not really close all the way, to see on my desk was all my Xbox games, neatly stacked up in a tower, with the Black Ops 2 disc case being the top one. I was puzzled at this. How did this happen? They were scattered across the desk a minute ago. My parents entered by doorframe and I told them the story. They obviously did not believe me because my dad chuckled and rolled his eyes, then walked back downstairs, saying "Haunted the boy's gone and lost it." My mom simply looked at me and felt my head, trying to see if I had a fever. She simply told me, "Calm down. You must be seeing things, Charlie." My parents didn't believe something was going on, but I was smarter than that. Hell, before this incident, I didn't believe there were any other haunted games, other than the Pokemon Lavender Town syndrome. 

The start of the endEdit

Moving on now. At that point, I was confused and scared at the same time. What was happening? I walked over to my desk and picked up the game case. I must have been scared more than I thought I was because my hands were trembling when I picked it up. When I opened up the case slowly, I noticed that the writing on the disc was blurry and almost illegible. At that point, I was too scared for words. I knew exactly what the case and game disc looks like, and this was not what it looks like.
 Since I was chatting online with my friends online with my Kinect mic, I asked one of them to give me a summary of the game. One of my friends, Carlos, told me about the game and what would happen. Why I asked, I dunno. I thought so that I would be prepared for what happens.

I turned the Xbox system on and put the game disc into the slot. I watched as the system loaded the game and noticed something peculiar. I seen that it said "Play Black...Ops 2" and that the image that it was supposed to show was not there. It was completely blacked out. I know I shouldn't have, but I pressed A and watched the game load. It came up like the normal game would. When I got to the start screen, I seen that the original image for the game, one with no "x" on the face, but the writing for "Black Ops 2" was blurry. I pressed Start and selected the save device, which was my flash drive. Before I got Black Ops 2, I had no other data on the flash drive because all my other games were saved onto the system memory, so it was actually the first game I loaded onto there. 

When the game started loading, it did like it normally would, the "player" on the screen would push a few buttons on the device on its wrist and a text would pop up. But there was something different about this text that sent chills down my spine. Instead of saying "Welcome, David Mason", who is the main protagonist in the game and the son of Alex Mason, who was the main protagonist in Black Ops 1, it said something much different. It said "Welcome, Charles Bradford". It said my name, not the character's name. How did this know my name? I wanted to turn the game off, but something inside me wouldn't let me. It was as if /I/ was the one being controlled by the game. It sounds insane, I know. But it is all true.

The Creepypasta horror showEdit

After the text disappeared, I noticed that  there was only selection available: Campaign. I couldn't do anything else. There was no "Multiplayer" or "Zombies" selection available. Only the "Campaign" in the middle of the screen, except it was odd. Instead of the letters being white, like they should be, they were blood-red and slightly dripping, almost as if someone had wrote it in blood. I was scared. but I forced myself through it and pressed A. When I did, the text appeared up again in bloody letters "Continue Story". There was no "New Story" or "Options". Only "Continue Story".  I was still scared, but I pressed A again to "continue" the story. I noticed one thing: The game was nearly completed, only with the last mission available. I placed the game controller down for a moment and looked up the review for the game.

Ironically, there was only one full review at the time, with step-by-step instructions on the game and the different endings.  In the last mission, the main protagonist at the time, David "Section" Mason, is in a plane flying over a small island over Haiti, with one main objective: Find Raul Menendez, who is the main antagonist and major terrorist in the game, and execute a kill/capture order on him. The game played like normal, the character putting on a robotic flight suit and jumping out of the plane to fly down and land on the island.  The player then has to go as far as possible and find Menendez, who is on the other end of the island. When I played the game, I played like normal, killing anyone in my path.

When I was halfway through the map, at a stopping point where you can refill your ammunition, I noticed a door right beside the ammo cache. I was curious. I've never heard my friends mention a shortcut in the game. When I approached the door, it said "Press X to open".  I dunno why, but I pressed X, then watched as the door slid to the right, opening like an automatic door. I noticed that the room looked pitch-black. I walked into the room, and the screen faded to black. In a few seconds, a small light appeared on the ceiling, showing another door about 30 feet from my character. I walked to the door and it said the same thing as before: "Press X to open".  What else could I do? There was obviously no way to go back, so I pressed X and the door opened like before, sliding to the right. When I entered the room, I noticed that I was in the control room, where you are supposed to shut down the drone fleet that Menendez had hacked control to. I took a few steps forward, then heard a small static noise. I turned my character around and the door that I had entered in was no longer there. 

I turned back around to play the game like normal, killing the enemies in my way up the stairs to the main computers. When I got to the top, I seen something strange. Normally, there would have been a few soldiers left to kill, but all of them were already dead, just laying there lifeless. Before I approached the main computer, I noticed all the soldiers were on their backs, each with a large knife cut across their necks. It was as if someone had slit all their throats one by one. I played the game like normal from there, the recording from Menendez playing on the big screen in the front of the room, showing that all the drones self-destruct and saying that the army of America is now cripped. He then says that the members of Cordis Die, his secret terrorist group of followers, should now attack America while their defenses are crippled.  After that, one of the soldiers notices one teammate has been stripped from his armor and has a bomb planted on him. At that moment, the bomb goes off and the dead soldier lands on David. A few seconds afterwards, David pushes the body off and runs down the flaming hallway, in search of Menendez. Once David finally reaches the end point, he notices that the room he is in collapses and he falls down, but grabs a steel post to keep himself from falling anymore.  

David then looks ahead of him to see Menendez in the soldier's clothing, walking away from the scene. David then notices a dead body with a fully-loaded mini sub-machine gun to the side. David jumps down and slides off some rubble to grab the gun, then has to kill two of Menendez's soldiers, then slide and knife Menendez in the knee, knocking him down. David then pulls the knife out quickly and lands on top of Menendez, then stabs him in the shoulder. David then pulls out the gun from before and points it against Menendez's temple. Menendez will say "Martyr me for Cordis Die." and you will have two choices: Press A to capture Menendez and Press X to kill Menendez. This is the normal story, but here is where the creepypasta comes into play again. On my game, there was only one selection: Kill Menendez. I had no choice to press X. As soon as I did press X, the screen instantly faded to black for a second. When the screen came back, I noticed that my character was no longer David Mason. It was someone else, though I could not tell who.  It was as if I was actually there, watching Mason kill Menendez. I was about 6 feet beside them to the right, watching as David's finger pulled the trigger and watched as Menendez was instantly killed. I looked at Menendez's lifeless eyes and felt slightly bad for him. I then watched as David was not done. I noticed that David had black shades on, covering his eyes so that nobody knew what his eyes were doing.

David sat the gun beside Menendez's hip and pulled out his knife again. I realized one thing in particular about his knife that was not like before. His knife's blade was twice as big as before, almost like a miniature machete or a butcher's knife.  This was confusing me. I moved my joysticks around and pressed as many buttons as I could, but nothing happened. I could only watch the events unfold. I watched as David drove the knife deep into Menendez's neck, just below the jawline, watching as blood splattered everywhere. Menendez, who still had lifeless eyes, looked as if he could burst into tears at any given moment. I watched this in horror, knowing this was not part of the game. I wanted to shut it off at that moment, but again I could not bring myself to do so. I watched as David pulled his large knife down and began cutting Menendez's body vertically, the flesh-ripping sounds easily being heard from the TV. I watched as the blade easily cut Menendez's chest and torso open like a gourd, watching as David stops at his waistline. David then pulls the knife out, the blade drenched and dripping in fresh blood, looking again at Menendez. I seen every detail of his organs, all pooling up with blood and some leaking out of the sides. It was as if someone knew exactly what they were doing in this animation and knew every single detail of a dead corpse.

I looked at David as he picked up the gun in his right hand, placing the handle of the knife in his left hand. I seen as he turned his head towards me, the glasses still covering his eyes, an evil and demonic smirk on his face. He did not look like a human anymore. He looked like an insane being bent on nothing but slaughter. My character turned to him as he faced me, then I noticed that he stepped closer to me, no more than arms-length away from each other. He faced me blankly for what seemed like an eternity, but was actually only 30 seconds. David, with his finger on the trigger, pointed the gun directly at my face. I was scared to death at this point. First, David murders Menendez in cold blood, and now he wants to kill me. As David had the gun pointed to my face, I noticed that his eyes showed a very faint red glow, two medium-sized dots for eyes, even visible through his shades. I also noticed blood-red tears flowing down his cheeks from his eyes as he pointed the gun at me. David then opened his mouth, his voice normal like always, but with a much more serious tone. As he spoke, I could hear his voice echo in my head as he said, and the text appeared on the screen, "You're next, Charles." I then watched as David pulled the trigger, a gunshot sound being heard and echoing from the TV, and the screen instantly turned to black. A split second after that, my screen turned to the video screen, as if I turned the system off. I looked at my controller and seen that it was off. I then looked over to my Xbox system and seen that it was off as well, but the disc tray had been opened and the disc was out, facing me. 

Okay, I dunno how many people this has happened to, if it's happened to any at all, but this freaked me out so much that I took the game back the next day and got an exchange. Even after I got the normal copy, I didn't play the game for three months. I honestly have no idea if it was a dream or not, but 15 minutes after the system turned off, I fell asleep in my gaming chair and woke up the next morning. If it was a dream, it was one of the scariest I've ever had in my life. But once I think about it, it couldn't have been a dream, because my parents remember me coming downstairs and asking them about the games. I'm honestly confused and scared at this. If this has happened to you, please tell me.  I honestly highly doubt this has happened to anyone else, but I could easily be wrong. And I'm questioning: Why me? Why did the game target me? Something is seriously wrong, and I am still trying to find out an answer. I think I should have kept the game...then I would've been able to figure out why it hated me. I honestly loved Call of Duty and was always used to the gore and violence of the game, but that amount of horror and slaughter scared me to tears.