Hi, my name is Rich. I have always loved Valve videogames, especially Counter-Strike  games. That was until a few days ago. It all started when I was getting into the habit of modding the game, like for example the .mdl files etc. When I was looking on GameBanana for some revamped css guns. 

I was really hyped when I came across a mod called "css gun revamp version 2.0". I am not giving out the actual name since for the safety of your sanity. I was really curious because I never found this named like this. The user who created this was named "arctic.mdl". When I clicked him it just redirected me to the arctic playermodel for css. But I dissmissed this as a conicidence since GameBanana at that time redirected incorrectly. I downloaded the file and it was 1 GB. Which was odd since most revamps are just 25-300 MB. But I shrugged it off as a very heavy revamp.

I looked at what it had and it only contained 4 files, C4.wav, C4explosion.wav, C4plant.wav, cssguns.exe. Each were 250 million bytes each. I loaded CS:S up and everything loaded fine. But I had a new map. It was cs_c4plant. I loaded it up and it was a c4 plant, but the c4 were realistically put together by machines that if you went near would get gutted and become a planted C4.

I chose the Arctic that was simply labeled arctic.mdl with the AK47 and Deagle. I procceded to the plant and was meet by a AI named "humanc4" He was dressed as a hostage, but he had several gunshots in the ribcage and legs. His arms were tattooed with C4s on them. He ran towards the C4 machine in a agonizing way just to look at it, he ran like was in extreme agony and fear. The machine make malfunctioned and started to make C4 planting noises. The hostage turned around and said something that never left my mind, "This is the aftermath of a real C4" He said right before the C4 was planted into the machine.

The game at this point froze and crash CS:S. The error sign popped up and said" C4plant.wav has stopped working. Why didn't you defuse it?" I at that point I freaked out and turned off my computer. I am currently suffering from a episodic insomnia. Here is a note for everyone: Do not try to find the real css gun revamp version 2.0. Even though you make think. "This doesn't sound creepy" but you have to actually play it understand what I actually mean.