This is Chapter 2 of my history on Black Mesa.

Status: Unforseen Consequences

System is rebooting, please wait...

Okay, after the experimental failure, I dreamed that I am on Equestria and it is because of those "freaking stupid little horses" but anyway, I'm safe but the bad news is, the whole Black Mesa lies in ruins now. It is like hell inside.

"Hah.. Heh.. Hehehehehehe. I'm not in Pony-land anymore! Wow! I just dreamed that they kept talking to me and hang around and whatsoever."

Sounds quite funny but the Blast Door is open and there's a dead scientist inside. I activated the Retinal Scanners but it opened even though I was not even recognized. There's a lot of blood inside and one of the scientist (probably one of the scientist on the Test Chamber Blast Doors) reviving a Guard. I ignore it and I went straight ahead to the elevator and then..


The machine exploded, flying and falling to a dead scientist, almost crushing me and spilling blood and gibs on the place. I almost vomit. The "merry-go-round" elevator was the worse because I felt dizzy over there always. Anyway, there is Eli Vance and a wounded scientist just on the room next to the Test Chamber Control Room.

File:BMI Anti Mass Spectrometer.jpg

"Gordon! Thank God for that hazard suit! I'm afraid that we cannot move him out. Our telephones and communications are out. So please, get to the surface immediately as fast as you can and tell somebody that we were stranded down here. You need me to activate the Retinal Scanners. I'm sure that the rest of the Science Team will gladly help you."

After that, he activated the Retinal Scanners and inside the Control Room was a mini-parkour but all I need is to crouch my way through the door. I got pass it and saw a crowbar. Thinking I could use it to kill those face huggers (headcrabs). Anyway, I got so careless that I killed 3 scientist on a press of a button.

"DO NOT USE ELEVATORS! I don't know why, let's click it."


"Whoops. I'm sorry!"

I got to the top and saw a Guard shooting a zombie. I made him follow me to the lobby and told him to stay there. I broke a keypad on the big blast doors on the lobby, causing it to open. The top part of the door is broken and I hope it would not fall and would crush me to death. I saw a scientist on the catwalk and when I move closer, the catwalk suddenly move and the rope broke. He hang on the rope for 4 seconds then he fell to his death. I went back inside to the Control Facilities Room and the machine exploded and almost crush me. I crawl to the small way on top and grab a pistol on the airlock. Now there's this things that detonates small EMP's at me but they are very easy to kill. I once saw this weird-guy-in-a-blue-suit staring at me, straighten his tie, then he leaves.

"Who was that guy?"

I saw a scientist and lead him to the weapons room I grab a shotgun and some grenades inside. I kill another zombie then another alien come out. People called them Vortigaunts. I started killing them but with the Shotgun, it is "one-shot, one-kill". As I expected, I started moving through the maintenance area. Then I got to this part that has hanging cargos on it. I jump and I am praying I will not fall to my death. I kept hopping from one cargo to another and finally, I reach the other side. There's a elevator I saw and I was thinking it could lead straight to the surface. What a fool! How could an elevator reach the surface within 50 feet underground! But I was wrong, it leads down. Now, this place is infested with many face huggers. And there is more shotgun ammo and grenades inside of it.

Coming up next: Office Complex

Credited to VALVe Company for using their storyline.

Note: Sorry to chiledsanity or Ross Scott for modifying and using his commentary on the first stages of Unforseen Consequences (Look at the first part of the page).


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