This is Chapter 5 of the Black Mesa Incident.

The Blast Pit... A test chamber for testing a rocket thruster. And like I said, we make some missiles for the Military, and now they are using it to destroy Black Mesa. It is useless. I am very bored and my head is full of depression and boredom I'm depress because of those poor friends that died and it is because of me. G-Man is still watching me. I don't know why and I'm confused that every time I close the only door leading to the other place, he would be there. But this time, he is not watching me. For some reason, or it is because the place is so small that he got too lazy? I don't know. Maybe?

The Blast Pit

The Security Guard, trying to kill the Tentacle.

And then, there's this thing that is much larger than me... It is a Tentacle. A dying scientist said his last words to me before he died.

"Freeman.. *moan* destroy... The thing before it grows any larger.."

And I almost got hang up by the tongue of the barnacle hanging. I went inside the control room and saw another scientist. I felt sleepy but the Tentacle suddenly burst in the control room, catching the scientist and dragging him to the Pit.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOD!! We are being invaded by Godzilla!"

I'm shooting the Tentacle with my M4A1 but it won't die so I press the "Test Fire" button but it won't work because the fuel and the gas is not running and the power is turned off. I discovered that explosions can attract the Tentacle so I went outside, and throw some grenades while it is distracted... I made a run for it.

Fuel and GasEdit

Okay. As I made my way to the Machine, I activated it and a lot of Gas and Fuel entered the pipes and to the thruster. Anyway, going back to the Pit is hard and I had to take another way because thanks to the ladder that broke when I'm climbing down. I made my way outside and finally I'm ready to go to the next Generator.

Main Power GeneratorEdit

I got to the lowest way down and broke the planks blocking them. There's a gigantic fan I saw over there and as soon as I activated it, I climb up to the top fast and I slip from the edge but instead of falling to the fan and being cut to pieces, I flew through the air and hit the metal. It hurts and my face is sticking on it but I'm still crawling upside down to the vents. I saw a face hugger and I made it jump into me. But it missed and went far to the other vent that is close. I got to the Generator and activate it, and after that, I made my way back to the control room, dodging incoming attacks from the Tentacle. As soon as I activated the thruster. I made my way down and into a pipe that collapses into another room...

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Credited to VALVe for using their storyline.

To be continued...


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