This is Chapter 1 of my history on Black Mesa...

I am Gordon Freeman, age 27, and, technically, a scientist. I was late against going to Black Mesa, because my friend wouldn't let me go because we were watching MLP (which I sometimes watch). But it was 8:47 AM. There's a few problems on Black Mesa anyway.

Otis: "There you are, Mr. Freeman. We got a system crash about 20 minutes ago and I'm still trying to find my files. Just one of those days, I guess."

Me: "Um... Okay, I'm going to the test chamber."

I headed down as soon as I wore my HEV. But, before going down, I horse around the place. I click a monitor that made one of the scientist's mad. And I click an alarm under the lobby desk that embarrassed the Guard.

"Otis?! What is going on?!

"Uh oh... There's nothing. Just cool and no problems; Gordon, are you trying to embarrassed me?!"

I move to the Personal Facilities and I heard one of the lobby scientist told him,

"Otis! Don't watch those freaking stupid little horses on our computer! It is the reason why we got that system crash!"

I giggled because some of my friends are bronies by the way. I went to a room where there is two scientist and the other one was knocking the vending machine.

"HEY!! Give me back my money!!"

Thinking he would not notice, I overheat the microwave causing the soup to explode and after that, he notice me.

File:BMRS Hallway1.jpg

"My God, Gordon! What are you doing?"

I ran towards the Test Chamber Control Room.

"Ah, Gordon. There you are. We just sent the sample down there to the test chamber."

"We boost the Anti-Mass Spectrometer to 105%. I heard that the Administrator has to get into some lengths to get it."

"They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber.."

I kept horsing around until to the Test Chamber Blast Doors. The two told me something.

"I'm afraid we are deviating a bit from Standard Analysis, Gordon."

"Yes. For no good reason. This is a rare opportunity for us and this is the purest sample we have seen yet."

"... And, potentially, the most unstable."

"But I'm sure that if you follow Simple Insertion Procedures everything would be fine"

"I don't know how could you say that, but I will admit that the possibilities of a Resonance Cascade scenario is extremely unlikely-"

He got stopped by the other scientist.

"Gordon doesn't need to hear all this, he is a highly trained professional. Although the Administrator prove that nothing will go wrong."

"Yes, you're right. We have complete confidence on you Gordon. Well, go ahead. Let's let him in now."

After getting inside and activating the Anti-Mass Spectrometer, the sample have arrived.

"Gordon, we've just been informed that the sample is ready so look on the delivery system for your specimen."

I push the sample to the laser beam but instead, it goes out of control and making portals and anything.


"Shutting down... Attempting shut-down... It's not! It's not shutting down!"

Then, the beam hit them. Killing all scientist inside.


I tried to go around and stop it but all inside my mind was what happen few hours ago about my friend making me watch MLP. Common Sense: I was thinking that if the beam hit me, I will teleport to Equestria but no.

It did hit me but it teleported me into a strange place. Back and forth until everything blacked-out...

Coming up next: Black Mesa: Unforseen Consequences

Credited to VALVe for using their storyline.
Credited to Hasbro for using some pony thingies.

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