It happened a couple of months ago, when I was booting up my Wii and I inserted the game The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. I selected my file which I just named simply as ‘Link’ and I started up the game. The game was running smoothly for the first half of the game, but then I noticed that there was something very wrong.

I decided to go and hack the game and play around with that. I went to Skyloft where I dowsed for gratitude crystals for no real purpose since I collected them already and Batreaux was already human. Yet, as I dowsed, it pinpointed to an area, telling me that there was a gratitude crystal nearby. It was out of bounds, but thanks to the hacks, I passed right through the bazaar where I noticed that there was a goddess chest. Curiously, I approached it and opened the chest and out came a gratitude crystal. This was strange in itself, seeing as there was only supposed to be 80 crystals in total, but I was completely fine with accepting another gratitude crystal. 81... 80... it didn’t make any difference to me.

But it made all the difference to Batreaux.

I took this new gratitude crystal to Batreaux, just to see what he would say. Perhaps there would be unused text or something of the like. It could prove to be funny to watch his reaction. So, I went into his house and offered the gratitude crystal to Batreaux. That’s when the scene faded out... the screen went completely black for at least a minute.

That’s when it faded back to the area where you fight the final boss Demise, but instead there was no Demise... it was only Link and Batreaux. Batreaux had this menacing air about him that even I could detect even though there was a screen between us. He never acted like this... wasn’t he the gentle demon? Not a terrifying beast.

Though, I found this pretty funny considering he looked like he wanted to fight Link. What could he, the coward, do to Link? It was then that Batreaux took one giant step toward Link, and the area shook with a tremendous force! Link was paralysed due to this Earth quaking step Batreaux made. He took yet another step and the same thing happened; I couldn’t move Link to step away from Batreaux... I couldn’t even use any items.

When he finally got close to me, he took a huge leap in the air and landed right on Link’s shoulders. I was confused as to what he wanted... perhaps a piggyback? Anyway, before I could shake Batreaux off of me by shaking the Wii remote and the nunchuck, Batreaux took a hold of Link’s neck and began choking Link! Link made a gagging noise as Batreaux began to pull Link’s neck... as if he was trying to tear it right off his shoulders!!

The camera did a close up on Batreaux’s satisfied smile as he heard Link’s agonizing screams and then a text box appeared at the bottom of the screen with the text box designed around the same as Demise’s, "Where did you find that gratitude crystal...? You were only supposed to find 80 of them... 81 is not what we agreed on. Therefore... I’m punishing you by rikking you!"

I furrowed my eyebrow when I saw the word ‘rikking’ - what was that? Was it what he was doing to Link now that he was on his shoulders...?

Link let out a scream that sounded like bloody murder. His neck elongated to the point where it was unnatural; it almost made me gag just by the look of it. Blood trickled down Link’s mouth and his jaw was becoming disfigured from the pressure Batreaux was putting on his neck. I could clearly see the cartilage rings that was his trachea as they stretched before my very eyes. A vein popped out of his neck, foam pooled out of Link’s mouth and I could only see the whites of his eyes. Batreaux just laughed as the screen faded into whiteness.

I dropped the controller from my hands and stared blankly at the screen. That was nothing I had ever seen in my entire life... this ‘rikking’ that Batreaux performed on Link - it was nothing more than torture! For a moment, as I was looking at the screen, I felt as though I were Link with my own neck stretching in that horrible position. I gasped and shook my head; it was just a game - there was no way that I could ever experience whatever Link did.

A text box appeared on the screen; at first I thought it was going to be the ‘Game Over’ screen, but instead, I heard a really demonic sounding Batreaux laughing. The text box read:

"Heh heh... you think you’re safe just because you’re behind the screen? Think again... Kyle."

My eyes widened exponentially... that was... my name. How did... how did the game know what my name was? I thought I named the file ‘Link’, not my own name. Not only the use of my real name, but he also said that, ‘I think I’m safe behind the screen.’

What could that possibly mean? Was Batreaux coming to rik me... next?

I put a hand up to my neck, imagining the same thing that happened to Link happening to me. Sweat rolled down my forehead as I took in a deep gulp. My hands were shaking and I didn’t even realize it... that’s when the screen changed, causing me to jump - I had no idea what to expect anymore. Who knew what would pop up on the screen next? Though, I was relieved when it just took me back to the title screen and everything seemed like it always was. I guess that was just a glitch or whatever; it would probably proceed as normal from now on.

Before I selected my Link file, I thought I saw Batreaux’s eyes flash red on the screen for a split second. Then I pressed the B button out of reflex when I saw that red flash and noticed that in my list of files, there was a file called ‘Batreaux’. Instead of the normal Master Sword icon, it had a text box saying ‘One Person Rikked.’ That text box was clickable, so I went to it and was horrified at what I saw. There was one name there and that was...


I dropped the Wii Remote but found my left hand keeping a firm grip on the nunchuck. I gulped as I scooped up to pick the Wii Remote back up but when I looked back up at the screen, I gasped at what I saw. There was one of those Undead Bokoblins. Then another appeared; and more and more until there was a whole army of them. They were coming... straight... for... me. I heard that demonic Batreaux laugh again and underneath the struggling Undead Bokoblin’s feet read the text, "My undead army lives forever; they won’t rest until they have rikked you, Kyle. Do you think this is all just a game? It isn’t... it’s far from it."

The Undead Bokoblins limped all the way up to the screen and even put one of their rotting hands up to the screen as if they were trying to push it down. I couldn’t stop myself from pushing back on the screen, trying to prevent them from trying to bust down the screen. They seemed to be angry with me; but I was still on the other side of the screen... there was nothing they could do. Nothing.

While I was pushing back on the screen, I noticed another Undead Bokoblin... but it seemed to be magically inclined. That was strange... none of these zombies, not even the normal Bokoblins, could use magic. Anyway, it threw down this power at something and behind the horde of Undead Bokoblins, I saw Link floating. His eyes were closed and he was unmoving; not only that, but his neck was still elongated from that previous encounter with Batreaux. The magic lifted him up and seemed to zap him with life again.

The Undead Bokoblins parted a way so I could see Link being returned to the ground, once again having life. His head dragged across the floor as he made his way through the Undead Bokoblin horde. I could clearly see each bone in his neck as he made his way toward me, his head still scraping across the ground.

A text box appeared, "Why did you make me get that last gratitude crystal Kyle...? Now, I’m Batreaux’s servant and I’m ordered to rik you! I won’t be able to rest in peace until I rik you!"

Link stooped over and picked up his head and put it in his hands - revealing his eyes to be merely black sockets with no eyes in them. Blood marred his now dead face down from those empty eyes and deep, hollow circles lined under his sockets. His mouth was permanently in a smile and his teeth were tiny, sharp and jagged. His skin was a sickly pale grey, no longer that healthy peach color he used to have.

I screamed when I saw this new, undead Link. He was blaming me for him being this way... but why? It was only one gratitude crystal! How could it cause this much catastrophe?! The Undead Bokoblins just laughed at me, as if they were hearing my distress; and Link just came toward me, one crooked step after another. He kept going until his head was making this twisted smile at me; and that same head screeched like a banshee. I thought my ears were going to blow off my head even though I put my hands on them.

It was just then that Batreaux’s background music that played when you entered his house began playing... but it was a twisted, distorted version that sounded like it was coming from a music box. Though it was supposed to sound like a sweet melody, it was actually a very eerie, sickening version of sweet. As if the music was a cue, all the Undead Bokoblins continued their advancements toward me and same with the long necked Link and a new silhouette appeared in the background... Batreaux’s silhouette.

Before they could all break down my screen, I reached for the power button on the Wii. The screen that was filled with Undead Bokoblins, the Long-Necked Link and Batreaux quickly turned black; and I was left alone in the silence of my room.

I turned my Wii back on, only to see that the game was functioning normally once again. I was relieved, but also horrified at the same time. I didn't know when or where Batreaux was going to pop up again. I always lived in fear when I played Skyward Sword. Yet, being the idiot that I was, I played it again, just to see what would happen if I got that 81st gratitude crystal again. The goddess treasure chest was still there, but no matter what I did, I could not open it. And every time I tried... that twisted version of Batreaux's theme played and I would hear that demonic laugh. So I decided to leave Skyward Sword for the time being... at least until I made sure that it all was just my imagination running wild.

After that fateful day, though... I haven't slept a wink. I always felt as though someone was looming over me in my sleep... I don't know how to describe it, rightfully, but it always leaves my heart hammering and my skin soaked with sweat. And always, always do I get the feeling that those red eyes that flashed on the screen were watching me. Wherever I went was filled with dread... the dreaded feeling that Batreaux was going to come out of nowhere and rik me, just like what he did to Link.