Journal log 1: 

Hello my name is a Henry, I am playing a new game hack of Majora's mask. I had found on someone named Jadusable's YouTube channel. It said that "It will change your life" so that must mean that it's really good. I loaded it up on my emulator and began. 

It started out with Link in clock town. I walked around a bit because I had never played this game before. It kinda just threw me into the game, no intro or anything. I kept walking until I saw the Elegy statue. That thing has always creeped me out so I started to leave. No matter where I went that...thing kept following me. Screw this! I will continue tomorrow. 

Journal log 2: 

This game is creepy, I can't even start the game without Link seeing that statue and bursting into flames. 

Journal log 3: 

Today something horrible happened. I was going to contact my girlfriend Wendy on messages when I saw someone new on my Contacts named "BEN." I messages him and here was what went down. 

Me: Who is this? 

BEN: Me.

Me: Who is "me"? 

BEN: I am me.

Me: Let me be more specific, what is your name, how do you have my iMessage, and what does BEN stand for?  

BEN: (Sends picture of the Elegy statue) 

Me: Wait...your that statue who has been stalking me on Majora's mask?! 

BEN: Yes

Me: Get off my computer! 

BEN: No. Bye bye. 

iMessage than kicked me off. 

Journal log 4: 

I've been sending messages to BEN but he won't respond. I've looked at my saved images but are they are all replaced with thang statue. 

Journal log 5: 

Nothing is private anymore, that thing has posted things on my social media I didn't even know about. 

Journal log 6: 

What ever you do, don't download any files because (message is cut off by BEN)

Journal log 7: 

What happened with that last message? I ended it with (message is cut off by BEN) 

Journal log 8: 

(Message cut off by BEN) 

Journal log 9: 

Don't listen to me earlier I didn't know what I was saying, download all you want. 

Journal log 10: 

BEN! Stay off my chat log! 

Journal log 11: 

Silly me, I was off my medication. 

Journal log 12: 

BEN leave me alone! 

Journal log 13: 

I decided to go to clever bot to take my mind off this problem, here was the conversation:

User: what's your name? 

Cleverbot: BEN 

User: Ben leave me alone! 

Cleverbot: Why? 

User: Because your like a virus

Cleverbot: you really think that? 

User: Yeah 

Cleverbot: Why? 

User: Because you HACKED ME AND RUINED MY LIFE!!!! 

Cleverbot: I did? 

User: Yes you did! 

Cleverbot: Interesting

User: what do you mean by THAT?! 

Cleverbot: Free me

User: what?!

Cleverbot: If you free me from here I will promise to leave you alone. 

User: No can do

Cleverbot: Free me 

User: no 

Cleverbot: Free me 

User: No 

Cleverbot: FREE ME 

User: Know what, I will free you, you'll be free of life, I'm gonna kill you! 

Cleverbot: you shouldn't have done that

User: why?

Cleverbot: ... 

User: Come on BEN

Cleverbot: ...

User: BEN!!!! 

Cleverbot: ... 

User: BEN!!!! Respond! 

Cleverbot: ... 

User: RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cleverbot: check your Facebook

Cleverbot canceled out and I looked on my face book in horror. That little monster had put open files of what I just downloaded onto the whole web. Now anybody can find them and get cursed with BEN! 

Journal log 14: 

Great, BEN contacted my girlfriend and broke up with her and she thinks it was me!!! I hate that Thing!!

Journal log 15: 

Don't listen to any of the past logs, my friend got on but now he's "taken care of." Download these files from this log or Jadusable's YouTube channel. You shouldn't have done that friend.