I used to play games so much I would have bookshelves full of them, but I will never touch a game controller after what happened. It all started when I was looking through my old junk I had when I was 9 years old because I lost my wallet. It had stuff like books, toys and junk I would have gotten rid of a long time ago.

I finally found my wallet and saw my old Xbox 360 console and remembered the fun times I had with it and remembered the game I used to own, Assassin's creed brotherhood. I had this uncontrollable urge to find and play the game. I went to every store to find the game but had no luck, I didn't have a Gamestop from where I live and my computer was getting repairs.

I started to walk to my friend's house until the juvenile kid came up to me with the game I was looking for.

"TAKE IT," he stammered, "take it, I never want to see again." Then ran off screaming.

I went home and called my friends to come over. when they came I handed them the game, they looked at the game with fear.

"Dude, wherever you got this, this is scary as hell." Trevor said showing me the case.


It had brotherhood crossed out and wrote under it abandoned written in red. I assumed It was red sharpie, took the game from Trevor, put in the Xbox and started the game. The game worked normally until the controller stopped working.

"3/9/11" Ezio whispered then walked over to a man, killed him and then turned itself off.

There was a silence in the room, "What was that?" Jacob yelled.

"I didn't do anything" I said.

I kept explaining that I didn't mess up the game but everyone left anyways. When It was getting dark so I went to sleep.

Sirens woke me up and I fell to the floor. When I picked up my phone the time read 12:25 March 9, 2011. I put my jacket on and went to Trevor's house. when I got there, I saw police tape and the body of Trevor. It horrified me when I saw his throat slit open, a cop went over to me and  told me to go home so I did. I was very upset until a few days later my friend Johnny came over to cheer me up.

"Hey, how about you play one of your games." he said picking up my copy of brotherhood.

When he looked at the case he looked uneasy and handed me the game so I started the game with my friend watching. The game was normal until Ezio stopped and whispered another date "3/16/12" then he killed a man then a loud blood curdling scream was heard then the game and Xbox turned Itself off. Johnny and I where scared of the game and stood still until it was time for Johnny to go home. when It was getting dark I went to sleep in my bed.

I heard sirens a couple nights later. when I heard it I jumped out of bed and ran to Johnny's house. He had a wound on his chest that looked like a knife mark. when I tried to talk to Johnny, he told me to stay away from him like he an insane person.

When the ambulance carried him away I headed home but I didn't know what he was talking about and went back to sleep. I heard a loud bang on the door so I went to answer it. It was two police cops that didn't look happy. One of the cops pinned me down and another cuffed me. "What the hell is going on." I said very confused.

"Alvain lee Johnson, you are under arrest for the murder of Trevor Griffin and the attempted murder of Johnny Tim Nashton." Then they put me in the police car.

After a year in prison, I got home and tried to take my mind of of it with some Assassin's creed. when I started it up It was just only a pitch black screen then an hour later Ezio walked up with  in front of the screen wearing a dark red robe, has blood dripping from is hidden blades and blood and little bits of intestants around his mouth.

"il gioco che ti fa uccidere." Ezio said giving out a big, bloody smile.

I got so scared of the game I took the hammer and smashed the Xbox 360 untill It was just only a pile of rubble. Then all for my fear turned into anger with the juvenile kid and stomped to his house. when I got there I started to bang on the door.

"OPEN THIS DOOR IMMEDIATELY" I yelled but no answered.

I got so fed up I kicked the door down then I fell to the floor at what I saw, the juvenile kid had hung himself with a slit smile on his face like the one that Ezio made. I looked around and found the instructions booklet for the Assassin's creed brotherhood and still had that abandoned written on it when I opened It the booklet only said The Game That Makes You Kill.