It was a cold, snowy and wet night. That night at around eight PM I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I was thirteen and afraid of the dark. Not wanting to go alone I decided to take my dog with my gadget. I got dressed, got my dog on her leash and went to tell my mom where I was going. She didn’t care when I left.

As I walked out I could feel the freezing night air tickle my face. I didn’t have time to think as my dog was already in a full burst running down the street. I ran to catch up with her. Finally I had reached her. We slowed into a walking pace. By this time we were in the bottom of my neighborhood.

In my neighborhood, between every street we have a ditch where all the house's backyards face towards. I was walking when we passed one of those ditches. I looked into it.

Unlike the street where most houses have a light that lights up when it gets dark, in there yards the ditches did not. So as I looked down it, it was pitch black. I thought just for a second I saw a man. I quickly looked to my dog to see if she saw it to, but she had already passed the ditch. I ran to her guessing it was my imagination. Like most people normally would, I kept looking behind me. Finally I saw someone. It could have been someone that lived in one of the houses, but that did not reach my brain when I ran.

As I ran, my dog ran behind me. Then, to my horror, I could hear footsteps running quickly behind me. I was smart because I knew that if I looked behind me I would slow down, so I kept running. My dog was barking nonstop. I could see my house. I heard the footsteps change sounds as they walked from the street onto the snow on my lawn. I was so close to the door and finally my hands touched the ice cold door knob. I opened my front door and my dog ran in at the same time still barking.

I closed the door and locked it. I ran around the house locking all the other doors. I wanted to tell my mom, but I was afraid that she’d think I was lying. So I went into my room and lied down on my bed and pulled the covers up over my head, planning on telling my mom what happened in the morning.

As I woke up I remembered the ordeal I had last night. I quickly ran outside to see if I could see footprints in the snow.

As I ran outside, I saw them. They looked like bowling shoes. The bottoms were flat. No groves or nothing, unlike with tennis shoes. I walked around my house and saw the footprints. They went all over my house, until they stopped in front of my bedroom window.

What filled me with fear was that I remembered I left the window open last night.

Then I heard my mom scream from the living room.