Humanity, as a whole, is an example of a Quality Species. I mean that as in the fact that you do not see abhorrent monsters walking the streets. The babies that just came out wrong. Surely this must have happened a few times, if not many times, throughout the 20th century. What happened to these people?

Most believe they do not exist. A few believe they all died off, but there are rumors that a few still live, deep in the wilderness of the world, surviving to this day. They may hold resentment against us, the Pures.

I believe The Slenderman and The Rake, among others, to be examples of these creatures. They don’t loot our bodies, they don’t rob us. They don’t attempt to make peace with society. Have you ever wondered if they have a different goal? Perhaps revenge?

In my journeys I have encountered stories similar to these from around the world, and a few things are present in most of these “myths”

1: The creature seems somewhat humanoid, with or without extra appendages, disfigurement, etc.

2: They often seem to “hunt” their victims, observing them for months, even years before the kill.

3: They do not strike the general population. They attack single targets or those associated with them.

I have come to the conclusion that these beings are sophisticated. They don’t just charge into a police station or wipe out a whole town. That would draw reporters, investigators, possibly the police and or military into the situation. Their victim’s lack of preparation is what dooms them. I leave you with these theories, and hope that you may never have to run into one of the abominations.