I heard of Satan's Sphinx from an online friend on Facebook. He told me that it was on the internet for about 2 months in 2009, then it was taken off by the government. Including Google searches, Wikipedia articles, and Youtube videos. I don't know why the government would take down such a thing.. I later told my friend on Facebook about Satan's Sphinx and what made it so criminal. He didn't have much knowledge about it as I did myself, but he later gave me an E-mail address to a friend of his who was into Paranormal Government conspiracy's.

My friend said he's into such knowledge about the video and other things he has and did find on the web for over 5+ years.

I gave him an E-mail a couple hours later, giving him a message containing: "Do you know anything about Satan's Sphinx?" I waited for him to respond. then a couple hours later, he responded: "Yes." I e-mailed him back, saying: "Could you tell me anything about it? He then E-mailed me this message:

"Satan's Sphinx is a Video that was and still is used by the government. The recording was uploaded on the internet over 3 years ago by an anonymous source on websites and Youtube videos. These recordings are now wiped from the internet completely by the government for reasons such as-suicides, hysteria, insanity and self abuse while the user viewed the video. The video itself contains such horror and gruesomeness, that it will drive the most blood-lust person insane/into shock, and then later, into suicide."

I then later asked him "Did you see the video?" He the replied this:

"Yes, I to be honest, I did. The video itself contains high-pitched blood curtling sounds put to such a level that it will peirce you ear-drums if your volume level is over 45%. Then scenes and images of death/gore fade in and out like water and go from side-to-side rapidly. Your eyes can't even keep up with the speed and intensity these images appear. There's then whispers or gibberish and out-of-toungue speech panning back and forth as if a human was shaking and whispering into your ear. After a minute or so, the blood curtling scream gets more and more intense, as with the images get faster and faster. The screen the gets into a Sepia and Monocrome state, Flashing constantly.

The whispers get faster and more annoying. Its like, you want to give-up, but don't want to stop watching, cause you're into Shock and Disbelief. There's a reason why this video was taken off, it was horrorifying. It was something else. It's more worse than any horror movie you ever saw, and it was shorter too. 3:49 seconds long to be exact. When I watched it, I was terrified. I didn't want to watch the whole thing. When I got done, I was scared. The images, the scream. It was implanted in my brain. I couldn't forget it. I felt depressed during the days after watching, I felt alone for some unknown reason. I had nightmares during my sleep every night for about 2 weeks. It was horrible, I wanted to end myself. I almost did one day, almost. But i'm still here, and I still remember. Is that all?"

I replied "Yes, thank you." Then he didn't relpy back afterwards.

It was almost like it was a very personal moment for him.. After reading his E-mail message, it would seem like hell watching it. And this was for everyone to see? I later searched for it out of curiosity. I found one titled "Alleged Satan's Sphinx recording" I clicked on it, but then "404. Could not be found." Came up.

The thing I ask you is Do you guys believe in such a thing? What's your opinion?

Written by SonicFanForever
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