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So, my name is Stan and I recently found out about the game Ib, a horror-and-puzzle-game made by Kouri on RPGMAKER. It's very interesting and fun, but at first I was too scared to play it.

Now, you must know that I am terrified of creepy stuff and horror. I had problems with sleeping for half a year because I kept hallucinating monsters accompanied me.

But, as stubborn and childish as I am, I played it anyway. I watched a walk-through so it kind of ruined the surprise for me, but playing it myself did kind of do something to me. Mostly because I didn't expect what to happen AT ALL.

The game starts with a little girl named Ib (which is similar to Eve), and she goes to an art gallery with her parents. Stumbling upon a painting that looks like it's made by a little girl, she finds out that she is alone in the gallery. After searching around you go back to the painting you were earlier, to notice some words are written on the wall. "Come down below, Ib, I'll show someplace secret."

Now that isn't really creepy yet, but watch.

You go down the "Abyss of the Deep"-painting, a painting that is painted on the floor - a deep looking sea with a giant fish in it, only to enter a blue room, with an eerie soundtrack in the background. If you move around and go back to the stairs, you can see that they disappeared. So there isn't a going back now.

Though this is still normal, I promise it won't be as normal at the end.

I moved around, but my screen couldn't take the big files of the game and kept lagging. When I finally entered the yellow room, the game cut off, saying "file can't be displayed". I got a bit scared and turned on Skype, looking for someone who would accompany me. To my surprise, nobody was online. Must've been my internet connection, I think.

As I kept playing, I noticed things were different from the original game. Such as disturbing dolls popping up at places they shouldn't be yet, or Mary interrupting the dialogue, while she wouldn't even be introduced until the purple room.

So at a certain point I met Garry. Hooray, fun, the lady-guy joins the party. Great. But he acted different, much different from in-game. It was almost like he was warning me to go back - while I really couldn't. It was like he wasn't even talking to Ib, but to me. I thought it was really creepy, so I saved and shut it off.

I restarted the game a few days after, but my save files were gone. All disappeared. I got mad and replayed it all. Though, this time it seemed normal even though the game shut off itself a few times.

Again, I met Garry. I was very lucky he didn't act all creepy this time. He was back to being the uber-scaredy cat he usually was. But not for long, to be completely honest.

We were almost at my favorite part. The children's story called Carrie Careless and the Galette des Rois. Now, in-game this story is really fucked up when you think about it.

It's about a girl named "Carrie Careless" and it is her birthday! All happy and cheerful, she and her friends eat a birthday cake one of her friends, named Pinky, made for her. Pinky told her that there was a coin hidden in the pie, and when she got it she would be a happy person. So they eat the cake, and Carrie finds herself choking on something hard.

Pinky shrugs it off and laughs, saying that it must've been the coin. Though later her mother is searching for a key she lost, and instead of finding the key - they find the coin. So Carrie must've been the one that swallowed the key. A bit helpless, Pinky tries finding an answer. She eventually finds the answer in the knife on the plate she's holding. She runs off with the words "seems like I was just as careless as Carrie", and noises are heard from behind the curtains. Pinky appears to be holding a key that is covered in blood, eventually leading you to opening the door.

Yes. That IS fucked up and it totally fits the game's eerie theme.

I got really excited and rushed over to the room. But the game shut off. Angry, almost bursting into tears, I restarted the game and eventually got up to that part again.

It was very disappointing.

The creepy soundtrack was gone, and I could only read half of the things they were saying. Most of the color was gone, too. I was a bit sad about that but I still continued because I loved playing this game, even though it just seemed like a fucked up version.

Now I'm not going to tell the whole story in full detail, because everything seemed pretty normal after that...

...Until I met Mary. She seemed even more cheerful and cute than normal, and I got a bit scared because I already knew what would happen if I didn't do things right. I told myself it would be fine and if I didn't know what to do I could just look it up. Yeah right. Internet was down for that day so I couldn't do any research to do things right to get the right ending.

So at a certain point, where you and Garry get separated, and you end up with Mary, Mary asks that if only two of them could get out, what would you do? There were three options: "I'd leave with Garry", "I'd leave with Mary" and "I'd surrender myself". I tried the first and third one but these weren't selectable.

So I could only choose the second option. If you choose the first or second option you will get bad points. These bad points give you a bad ending, in which Mary kills Garry. The more bad points you have, the bigger the chance that Mary kills Garry.

I once admitted that, if Ib really had to choose between Garry and Mary, I would rather have the Ib: All alone ending. Not with fake Garry - because fake Garry is stupid as hell. Bluh. I wouldn't want to have the Forgotten Portrait ending either, so if I ever would finish the game with both Garry and Mary dead, I would ignore Garry's painting in the gallery.

Almost reaching the end, the FUCKING GAME SHUT OFF. I got really angry, so I clicked away the canvas and let it die out for a while. I however did not lose interest in the game and I took place in the fandom, eventually meeting new friends. I would roleplay with them as the Disturbing Doll, by far the best character in the game. Such misunderstood creature. I like.

After a while I got curious so I restarted the game. Instead of the menu screen saying "New game", "Continue" or "Exit", it said "Welcome back". I pressed my enter key and there I was. At the same moment before the game shut off. I got excited because I didn't even save. It was at the violet room with Garry, after escaping the Doll Room. I loved that part, though it was really creepy. Luckily I survived (thanks to great logic and remembering little details. Go me) and I ran for the brown room. Before you enter the doll room you find out a great plot twist about Mary.

Though it was different. The plot twist wasn't about Mary. It was about Ib. They switched places. Garry got really angry and ran to save the girls. He was on time though, because Mary tried to kill Ib because she refused to answer her questions. Garry the Superhero told them to stop fighting and just come with him.

And so it continued.

I was almost at the very end now, in the sketchbook somewhere, trying to figure out this puzzle. Mary said she had to leave for a while, so she went away. In-game she would not be around you at this point, but I didn't mind because hey, Mary is a cool character and she doesn't deserve the fate she got in-game.

So Garry and Ib finally reached the Toy Box! Hooray, creepy stuff awaits. So they got pushed in and after a while the screen faded to the puppet show again. Though there was nothing. Just white. And I couldn't find Garry. The bastard probably ran off already.

I also didn't have my rose, which was very normal at this point, but I was very lucky it was just somewhere in the room. Suddenly I heard the giggle that was used in Carrie Careless, and I got really scared. It's not scary to hear just a giggle, but hearing it in a constant loop is just really freaky, guys.

So I got out and eventually found Garry and Mary waiting for me, the bitches. I saw the text boxes popping up, but they said nothing. But their icons were both smiling.

After a while they finally noticed me and greeted me, eventually telling me to go with them. After leaving the toy box, ignoring Mary's room, we entered the pink house in the sketchbook. The room was white, while it was black in the original. When entering, everyone was there.

When I talked to them they would have angry faces and their text saying to get away from them. I didn't understand what was wrong since I was just a little girl, you know. So we stumbled upon the childish painting I talked about earlier and it contained the same picture. The colors were the same and everything looked like it was made with chalk.

When I pressed enter to read it, the painting got ripped open by Mary and she and Garry climbed in. So I followed them.

I couldn't believe what I saw. It was the same creepy gallery, all over again. I got mad and shut it off.

I let the game die for about a month.

I had a restless month and nightmares in which I was walking around in that gallery and everyone was grinning in a creepy way at me and telling me to hang myself. It was probably a reference to the Ib-like dolls that are hung up in the sketchbook.

I couldn't take it anymore and I started playing it again. All seemed normal, no creepy shit, actually.

I'm starting to wonder if it was just my mind playing tricks on me.