To avoid having more eyerolls than thought put into this, I am going to have to explain a few things. I came to deliver a warning, but like a stranger running up to you and yammering warnings at random- without explaining myself first, the warning will fall on deaf ears. There are those who legitimately believe in magical forces out there even in this day and age, or at least those who still open their mind to its possibility.

For those people, I have cut this in two. If you believe yourself sufficiently knowledgeable on the occult already or at least open to its possibilities- feel free to skip to 'Of Intent'. I would be surprised if the majority did, however. For the rest of you, allow me to explain why you should believe a single word I say.

~A Lesson

I have seen many stories of occult happenings, and more recently in video games. Most would roll their eyes at the former, and guffaw at the later. While I do not doubt for a moment that the vast majority of these are fictional- that isn't to say they all are, and I can for a fact confirm several. Yes hyper-realistic gore in a game is ludicrous. Yes, if ghosts did exist, a game would seem a very unlikely place for it to bind itself back to the mortal plane. But what you can see and what is actually there are not always the same thing.

The 3DS is a strong example of this... the very system itself is built on an optical illusion. I assure you the only thing about it that is in the third dimension is the system itself, but that isn't what you see when you look at its screen. Is a ghost haunting it, or haunting THROUGH it? If the glitches, blood, and whatnot are not generated from the game's own programming but from an outside source, why then should they be restricted by the same logic?

Then we have disbelief on a grander scale- at the very existence of said spooks and spells. You must realize that the human body has five senses, that it evolved over thousands of years to perpetuate its existence. Magic does not occur often, why then would humans have evolved a sense of magic? Theoretically, we could be looking at something magical or ghastly right now but if our brains cannot make heads or tails of it, the information the brain receives of that things existence will more than likely be disregarded. That doesn't prove anything- I know. But it means that you can't disprove magic any better than I can prove it... and is it not considered wiser to err on the side of caution when venturing into the unknown?

What little proof I can provide, without a doubt is your very dreams, as it is something we all must have experienced whether we remember them fully or not. You see no matter how fantastical a story is, or something spawned purely of imagination- it has to have come from somewhere. A person who was born blind cannot imagine color. We thought of magic, so it has to have at least a remote foundation from something that IS real. For this I refer to dreams, which are quite fantastical, but often filled with familiar things. Our minds require to dream to sort out its thoughts and memories.

Our minds disregard irrelevant information, or things it simply cannot comprehend but it may still register these occurrences. Perhaps then, our dreams are not so fantastical. Perhaps our dreams are closer to what reality truly is... and not what our senses have made it out to be. Through dreams, or various means of warping one's normal senses in the waking world we could have technically learned of magic, even if it is otherwise intangible to us. It may sound ridiculous when simplified, but do not close your mind to the concept of magic and the occult. At the very least it is just as likely to exist as it is to not.

~Of Intent

Well if you made it this far you hopefully do not think me to be a rambling fool. Now that I know you are both reading and considering my words, I can deliver my warning. It does not happen to many people, but it does happen- these occult occurrences. Technically they can happen with anything but the ones I have come to warn you of are specifically 3DS related. Yes, not something you would think a witch or warlock to be casting from, is it? But the object in question doesn't matter so much, whoever has been doing this simply chose that device of the many things they possessed. You see the object can be anything, and even the occult words are not so important. Think of a mortar and pestle... you need them to mix or crush foods or medicines, but ultimately you could bang two rocks together and produce the same effect. A drunk could spew gibberish and just-so-happen to speak some occult words but they won't do anything on their own. They need power.

The power needed does not reside in your 3DS but your body- the electrical impulses your brain operates your entire existence on. Your intent gives it shape, and that is the 'meat' of the spells. Whoever has been reaching out to people through the 3DS has very ill intent, I can tell you this. It is not focused on any one person, so when the death of one does not sate it, it simply finds another. It does not start as much, so you have to pay close attention. Sometimes a name will become altered, sometimes just regular glitches within games. It gets worse very quickly, it only starts small so he can test you. If this happens you would have to discard the 3DS entirely... or, die, but who is going to knowingly take that option. A 3DS might be a bit pricy but you can't play anything if your dead. Sure you haven't heard anything from police about unusual deaths or murders, but how many people die on Earth every day? The police do not know what to look for in these cases, they do not know of or believe occult things can even exist, making it effectively untraceable. If it starts to happen, get rid of your 3DS. Not the games, the system.

Tossing your system out the window isn't exactly your ideal scenario though, is it? They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so lets fight fire with fire. We know the killer uses occult spells to kill through the 3DS, I have seen this happen several times already unfortunately. I still hear their screams... not even audible. They started out audible but the bulk of the sound was... mental. Like you could feel the emotion behind their cry even after the actual sound went dead... among other things. If you do not own a 3DS, well, your safe from this particular killer. Otherwise I will tell you how to ward them off, break any connection they may have gotten on your system.

Place your hands firmly on the system- it does not matter where. Speak the words 'Nocumalah fawell lok innar doen'. Your pronunciation does not have to be exact... or even good. As long as it is similar you should be fine. What is truly important is your intent. Do you want to live? Do you want to keep your 3DS? Well, then you want this person out, and that intent is what this spell etches into your system.

There, that was not too difficult or time consuming now was it? No sparks or flickering lights. Like I said, magic is a largely intangible thing normally, so actually perceiving it openly would be a rare thing indeed. I am not going to kid myself, the vast majority of you did nothing. Either you do not believe me, or simply do not think you would be targeted... well, good for you I suppose. To the ones who did follow along... sorry.

I would tell you a demon is going to come through your 3DS but... what does that even mean? What is a demon really. Is it that shadow in your psyche everyone keeps to push hate and sorrow into? Eventually if left untended, those shadows tend to grow teeth and claws of their own. Or is a demon simply a title given to a man through actions that are no longer deemed humane? I suppose... I am a bit of both. I have seen several die already, and intend to see several more yet.

That is what society wanted me to do, I would hate to disappoint the masses- they outnumber me after all... for now. I cannot remember the exact reason I started killing people, but I remember learning many things back then. I learned that being quiet and trying to do your own thing is bad- that is a sign of weakness. So strong and repugnant people are more desirable. I did not have physical strength... so I showed them a different kind of power. The second one... should not have died. She was... she just seen too much. She was going to tell on me and I could not have that. I killed her to save myself, self preservation! That is the law of nature, so killing her, is abiding by the law!

I also learned that deviations from the norm are grounds for insult, ridicule, and possibly physical abuse. To avoid that I adapted myself to a more normal life that I now go by. I had already killed several people, so I figured that was my normal. So I continue to kill, because it's what is normal for me. It's what society wants... right?! I do still hear their screams, even now. I am glad I recorded them, to listen to every night before bed.

I am sorry, I lied about my intent! Oh, but do not be too worried, I did not lie about the ward- you did indeed place an occult warding on your 3DS. You see, I am... or was human... I think I still am. Anyway, I know it is unpleasant to die, so I will not strip you of your ability to avoid it. Those I still get can be considered non-believers, and in that I have a more sound reason to end their lives. Ignorance, stubbornness... well I suppose I don't need too many reasons- I don't plan on having to explain myself to anyone, anytime soon.

Ironically that ward is how I find them. I know what a 3DS is, and I know what it looks like. I know what the host spoke to activate the ward, and I know what their intent was. By casting it you have placed a blip on my 'radar'. So what this all boils down to I suppose, is a competition between you and me. So, whose intent is stronger? Yours to place the ward at the time, or mine to kill you? I'll see you later.

Written by DarkArtist
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